Upstate business owner with connection to Pres. Trump reacts to Monday's visit

Pres. Trump is greeted by Gov. McMaster at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (Source: Associated Press)

Not many people got to hear President Trump’s remarks at the fundraiser for Governor Henry McMaster Monday night in Greenville because the event wasn’t open to the public or the media. The FOX Carolina newsroom was able to obtain video of the President’s remarks because a local business owner with a connection to President Trump recorded it and shared it.

Tom Kassab is the president and CEO of KASCAR, LLC, a parts and service provider for Hummer H1 and Humvees.

“My roots go way back with Donald Trump when I was a kid and my parents were friends with him at Mar-a-Lago with some charity events,” Kassab said.

He remembers his parents admiring Donald Trump as a generous man and a brilliant businessman.

A businessman himself, Kassab wants the best economy possible for American businesses and believes President Trump can lead the way. He wouldn’t miss the opportunity to hear the Commander-In-Chief speak Monday night.

“The best part was his being candid with everybody. He wasn't on teleprompter. He was just being himself and talking about his heart and some of the events going on in the country,” said Kassab.

He wasn’t able to shake President Trump’s hand this time because Secret Service whisked him away quickly after his remarks. But now, with the President back in Washington D.C., Kassab thinks of him the way his parents did.

“They talked about what a brilliant guy he is, what a nice man and how he and his wife were so down to earth and welcoming. That's what left an impression on me since I was a kid. So when people say he's not a good guy or whatever, I have personal experience to disagree with them,” Kassab said.

Kassab said he was especially impressed with President Trump’s energy, his love for this country and his passion for bringing business back to the U.S.A.

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