Upstate coyote sighting caught on camera

Coyote caught on camera in the Upstate.

Caught on camera, not a criminal but a four legged creature.

"We hear the coyotes are there but then we think 'We're in a subdivision they're not going to effect us'," homeowner Sarah Younginer said. "But as long as they're not fenced off from traveling, they're going to travel through yards, through fences and stuff like that."

The Upstate woman has several animals of her own, but one she doesn't claim - a coyote caught on camera in her front yard.

"Running up and down Highway 14, there's been conversation about them over there, several neighborhoods have talked about that they've either seen a pack of coyotes or one coyote sighting. They're definitely in our area," Younginer said.

Several comments about recent coyote sightings have appeared over the app, Next Door. It's where she posted the pictures of the coyote. Not to frighten but to warn neighbors to keep an eye on their pets.

"I just wanted people to know they're around, it's their space to live, it's not that we're trying to get rid of them. They're not going after children, but as long as the pets are taken care of at night, they're not endangering anyone."

The Department of Natural Resources agrees, saying the only real threat is to small animals and there are steps to protect them. One man working around the Five Forks area said he watched a coyote swing by and pick up a house cat.

DNR suggests: Do not leave trash out. Clean up brushy areas- any place that mice could hide Do not leave pets outside overnight Seal openings under porches, decks and sheds "For the neighbors, that's why I put it on the Next Door app, was because I know a lot of people look at that," Younginer said. "Just keep your pets protected."

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