Greenville County Emergency Management

Greenville County Emergency Management (FOX Carolina/ Oct. 9, 2018)

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) - With impacts of Hurricane Michael expected to begin Wednesday, agencies like the South Carolina Emergency Management Division are monitoring the storm closely. Local and County agencies are doing the same.

Jessica Stumpf, the Planning Coordinator for Greenville County Emergency Management says, “As we prepare for the storm, we’re taking in a lot of information and we’re sharing a lot of information with our partners throughout the county.” She says each of those partners is mobilizing to respond if needed.

Stumpf has been spending time on conference calls with state officials and the National Weather Service where the talk is a possible two to four inches of rain throughout Greenville County. “In addition to that we could have some gusty winds and if the ground is saturated we could have trees fall down. Those are the main impacts we’re looking at right now,” says Stumpf.

Gathering and sharing all the latest she says Emergency Management is always preparing to coordinate information, people and resources. She says, “A lot of times I see people who are like, ‘We don’t need to worry about it. We’re inland. We don’t need to prepare. It’s fine,’ and sure, it may be fine this time. We got through Florence relatively unscathed but there’s going to be a time where that doesn’t happen and it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when.”

Emergency Management officials are urging everyone to have a preparedness plan together which can work for any disaster. Your plan should include gathering supplies like a first aid kit, food, medicine, batteries, a radio and a flashlight. Also establish an emergency meeting place for your family, create a list of emergency contacts and assemble your insurance information. All those things should be handy and easy to access if case there’s an emergency that comes without warning. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division has an app that guides you through putting it all together.  It’s available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android.

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