SIMPSONVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) The South Carolina roads Hampton Wade loved to cruise on are what ended up taking his life at only 20 years old.

Fox Carolina's Shale Remien spoke to Hampton's father back in September when a car crashed straight into his motorcycle on West Georgia Road in Simpsonville.

Since that day, his dad has honored his son but now wants to give him a voice that was silenced.

Scott Wade created House Bill 3788 which is currently sitting in committee. It is sponsored by Representatives Willis and Moore.

The bill outlines more accountability and investigating when a crash occurs. It states if a driver creates bodily harm to another, they could face a misdemeanor charge; if they kill someone, a felony. Wade said South Carolina is behind when it comes to rules of the road. He said Georgia and North Carolina have incremental penalties and he would like see the Palmetto state become next.

"We are trusting total strangers, what is the common ground, the law, when we break those rules, people die," Wade said.

He said there's a difference between an 'accident' and an 'incident.' He would call what happened to his son Hampton an incident.

"An accident is that faulty tire, or you hit road debris, you lose control of the car, an accident. You didn’t intend to do that but you were obeying the law."

Wade said an incident is where the cause of an accident has been throw to the wayside for far too long. "Was it a bad choice or were they impaired? And the same thing applies to texting and driving, they don't even look at their phones anymore."

What Wade wants to see is a "ripple effect." If someone faces harsher penalties, people within their circles and lives will pay closer attention to the roads as they know how it will leave a lasting impact.

Wade started an organization called "60 Seconds," to show one minute can change lives forever.

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