After two house fires in the Parker Fire District over the weekend where people on the outside broke windows, Chief Steve Alverson and his crew are warning of the damage and danger an action like that can cause.

"When a neighbor or someone decides to open that window, break it in or whatever, what happens is it gives that fire, it gives it oxygen and when you do that of course it spreads that fire," said Chief Alverson.

On Thursday, Parker firefighters used a plywood model home to show FOX Carolina exactly what happens when you open windows and allow oxygen in to fuel a fire.

"When we cracked this door, you're introducing air into a room that didn't have enough air to burn," said Lieutenant Ben Garron.

The demonstration showed that the fire follows the air flow. Garron said while it's not safe for people on the outside to break a window, it is okay for people trapped on the inside to do so if they do one very important thing.

"Close your bedroom door, then you can open your window to get out that way, but that will keep the fire from moving, it will have to burn through the door to get to you which gives you a lot of time," said Garron.

Garron also said there's another tip he recommends to all people before they go to bed.

"Every night when you go to sleep shut your door on your bedroom just in case there's a fire," said Garron.

Chief Alverson also said it's so important if you do see a fire not to go inside. He said the best thing to do is to call 911 right away and give them as much information as possible.

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