Shane Mcjunkins talks to FOX Carolina

Shane Mcjunkins talks to FOX Carolina about how he got a lost cell phone reunited with its rightful owner.

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - One Upstate man is being praised for his efforts to return a lost cell phone to its owner.

Shane Mcjunkins says he isn’t used to all the attention he’s getting now that the story has gone viral.

"It feels different, I’m just a small town boy from Pickens," he told us.

Mcjunkins says he and was his coworkers were cleaning storm drains on January 8 near Caesars Head State Park when they noticed a cell phone among the debris. So, he decided to take the phone home and investigate the mystery of it.

Which is something he has a knack for.

"I wanted to find the owner because I know how important my cell phone is to me," Mcjunkins said.

The phone wouldn’t turn on. It had water damage and dirt through it.

However, the SIM card is where all the valuable information was located. Mcjunkin’s inquisitive nature lead him to pictures of a couple and their vacation destinations. In some of the photos, he noticed Wisconsin license plates on motorcycles. He posted to Facebook asking people to share in hopes of reaching the owner.

"That next morning somebody messaged me," he said.

Someone commented on the Facebook post and passed along contact information. It was revealed that Ron Ebert is the phone’s owner, who lives hundred of miles away in Wisconsin.

"They had traveled to South Carolina, him and a friend of his, on motorcycles back in October, towards to the end of October," Mcjunkins said.

Both men have been on contact with each other.

Mcjunkins says, “he’s probably one of the nicest guys I’ve talked to on the phone.”

Ebert is currently on vacation in Arizona and won’t return home until some time in February. The phone will be shipped to his brother-in-law in Wisconsin.

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This is a refreshing example of the good people we have in South Carolina.

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