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SIMPSONVILLE, SC (FOX CAROLINA) - June 2,  2018 is a day Robin Long never forget. That’s the day her son, Chad Tolbert took his life.
Long describes Tolbert as a brave, courageous, helpful soldier, full of life.
“He joined at 18 through the National Guard and then he went to Kuwait, Baghdad and Iraq: and then he came back and got an honorable discharge, so he had PTSD,” said Long.
His mission came with a heavy burden that was too much to bear.
“I’m his mind, that would make him bring everything back up and he didn’t want to remember anything,” she said.
Veteran issues are often talked about but Michelle Ladd with ‘Mothers Against Veteran Suicide’ makes it her mission to provide support to mothers by bringing awareness to the topic by driving an RV wrap in veteran support information.
“I consider this my ministry, I think that God has given me these tools to just listen. When I hear what their needs are I try to just find them help with whatever needs they have,” said Ladd.
She’s on a multi-state tour, meeting specifically with mothers who have lost children due to veteran suicide.
“We’re traveling to Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, we’re headed to Ohio, we’re going to Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee,” she said.
Some veterans make feel they don’t have an escape, other than taking their own lives.
However, the resources are available if needed.
If you’re a veteran that needs help, or if you would like to donate please click here.

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