SIMPSONVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - More than two years have passed since John Blauvelt was last seen.

According to Simpsonville Police, Blauvelt killed his estranged wife, Cati Blauvelt, then fled the state. Investigators said his last known location was in Eugene, Oregon, but he hasn’t been spotted since December 2016.

Now, a new investigator is on the case and Cati’s family hopes it will shed new light into their daughter’s murder investigation.

“In a way it’s thrilling, but in a way it’s depressing,” Cati Blauvelt’s mom, Patricia Piver said, “We had to get to the point where they haven’t caught John yet, and our main goal is to get him caught. We’re glad it’s finally getting out there nationwide.”

Piver’s 22-year-old daughter, Cati Blauvelt, was found stabbed to death in October 2016. According to police, her husband is the prime suspect.

Investigators and US Marshals have been on Blauvelt’s trail since he first disappeared, but he’s still on the run, and now the case has gained national attention.

Cati Blauvelt’s case is the focus of the latest episode of "In Pursuit With John Walsh", which aired on Investigation Discovery on March 13.

“I’ll never be happy again, but I may be satisfied when he finally gets caught. I may be satisfied when he goes to court and they find him guilty and put him away for the rest of this life. Then I can at least breathe a sigh of relief and know we got justice for Cati,” Piver said.

Cati’s family prays the national exposure will help investigators track down their daughters accused killer and put him behind bars once and for all.

“Someone once asked me, what’s the one thing you miss about her? That’s like saying who’s your favorite child, or out of a field full of trees, which is your favorite tree? There’s no one thing I miss about her. I miss her smile, her eyes and her laugh,” Piver said, “I’ll never be happy again. He took my happiness away when he took my daughter.”

Anyone with information about John Blauvelt’s whereabouts can leave an anonymous tip with Crimestoppers at 23-CRIME or with the John Walsh call center at 1-833-3PURSUE.

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This is horrible. What I do not understand is why there isn't more media outlets posting pictures of people like this who are wanted in places such as facebook and other social media sites where people can be alerted to what these criminals look like so if they are spotted they can be turned in. The man could be living somewhere around here in a neighboring town and some people who are not always attuned to the local news channels would be oblivious! More exposure all the way around is what we need to get this poor mother the justice she deserves for her daughter

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