SIMPSONVILLE, SC (Fox Carolina)- There are plenty of men and women who serve this country faithfully. But what happens when they come back to the nation they've been fighting for? Many say it can be daunting, especially when it comes to finding a long term career.

One Upstate native says that's where Veterans Ascend comes in. It's a hiring website connecting veterans to employers. 

"Some are struggling to find their next career," Grable said "Getting out the the military when you serve such a big purpose, and then you need to take those skills and utilize them somewhere else." 

Grable started the company from her own home office using her own military background, nine years in the navy and 30 years in HR to help veterans find their purpose again.

"An army soldier's wife commented in one of the chat rooms that her husband has been out of the army for six months, and wasn't able to find a job. He was getting depressed, he was feeling worthless and something inside me clicked, that just can’t happen."

Grable said that can stop simply by creating an online profile on Veterans Ascend's website. She said veterans never have to apply for jobs online, the website brings employers right to the veterans on the shared platform.

She sat down with to show the cutting edge website breaking down how military experience, education and background link employers with veterans. She calls it the "" for veterans. In the process, veterans' skills are highlighted, most saying they didn't understand how to translate their skillset for civilian opportunities.

 "I can’t tell you how many infantrymen come up to us and say "I can just do infantry, i don't have any other skills , and it's so sad because the the skills that go into learning how to be an infantryman are things like operational planning, team leader, equipment maintenance, maintenance reporting, strategic thinking, logistics."

Grable said most don't even know they have those skills in their arsenal, as a result anywhere from 90 to 95 percent of veterans get overlooked.

Another feature setting this website apart, Grable says is the feedback element. If an employer decides not to interview or hire a listed veteran, they are required to give them feedback on their profile. For an example, if a veteran's salary request is continuously suggested as being too high, they have the opportunity to adjust it, putting them right back to the top of the employer's list. 

"We are opening doors that a veteran would never have thought they qualified for."

Grable said she plans to launch a similar section on the site for military spouses this Fall. 

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