Upstate nursing home helps woman in wheelchair dance at son's wedding

Regina Clardy dances at her son's wedding (Source: Pruitt Health Pickens)

Her son's wedding is already a day she'll never forget - but thanks to some help from a team at her nursing home, one Upstate woman got the opportunity to celebrate in a way she never thought she could.

Pruitt Health Pickens, a nursing and rehabilitation center located in Six Mile, said 49-year-old Regina Clardy is not their average patient. Clardy, who was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy, began having tremors and visual disturbances in 2009.

Her symptoms worsened and Danielle Merck with Pruitt Health Pickens said by 2016, Clardy was unable to move her arms and legs.

Clardy has had to undergo multiple surgeries and has even been resuscitated twice. She now has to use a power wheelchair to maintain mobility.

WATCH: Wheelchair-bound woman gets to dance at son's wedding

After learning that Clardy's dream was to dance at her son's wedding in March, Merck said the Committed to Caring team at Pruitt Health, which works to fulfill dreams for residents, knew they needed to help.

Clardy, who had been researching wheelchair dances, didn't think she would be able to stand for a mother-son dance, but Pruitt Health Pickens, Second Wind Dreams, and Toccoa Pharmacy worked together to provide her with therapy and equipment to make her dream come true.

They also were able to give her a "Girls Day Out" where she took a limousine around town, enjoyed a spa day, had lunch at her favorite restaurant Longhorn Steakhouse, and had her hair and nails done for the wedding.

Using braces for her feet and a gait belt, Clardy was able to dance with her son for a minute and a half to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts on Mar. 17.

Pruitt Health Pickens said the length of time she was able to dance exceeded everyone's expectations. The nursing home shared video of the special dance.

"We want everyone to be reminded of life's special moments that we tend to take for granted," Merck said.

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