Four Easley police officers joined hands with members of the community as they prayed outside the Tri-City Lanes bowling alley in Easley where a teen had been killed just days earlier.

"We all care," a woman prayed.

The large group made up of Freedom Fighters prayed for an end to gun violence between people in the community. The death of 17-year-old Kejuan Brown outside the Tri-County Lanes bowling alley on Wednesday led to the gathering.

Police have said one young adult and three teenagers killed Brown at the bowling alley. All four have been charged with murder.

"If out of that group of young people if anybody just for a split second said, 'Wait a minute, are we really about to kill somebody?' because death is final," said Traci Fant, an Upstate activist and member of the Freedom Fighters.

Some of Brown's family was at the gathering and spoke on behalf of his mother.

"You didn't just take a life, you took a part of me and her and my son," said Nadia Braden, a relative of Brown's.

Fant organized the meeting and said children need to be told at a young age that violence is not the answer to any problem.

"If we don't start communicating with them at an early age, they grow up and they don't care. You have to start when they are seven and eight years old," Fant said.

Although police have not released a motive in the shooting, Fant said it's important to talk with your children about who they can go to if they are having issues in school. She said a small problem can lead to bigger issues.

"We as parents don't know everything our kids are doing. That young man who died, his parents were at church when he got killed," Fant said.

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