Upstate sports organizations and psychologists weigh in on participation awards

Trophy at CESA. (Source: Fox Carolina)

"No baby girl you didn't win... you got one for participating, give me that you didn't win anything, I'm taking it back," said DeAngelo Williams.

It's that action by NFL running back for the Pittsburg Steelers, DeAngelo Williams, that has a lot of people talking... should kids get participation awards, or shouldn't they?

"Participation awards are fine for younger kids when they're first getting into sports because you know they're just figuring out what they like to do," Madeline Chandler, a Greenville resident.

Other people had different views.

"I think that competition is about being driven and wanting win, and if we're giving everyone awards... then everyone thinks that they're worthy of getting that even if they don't put forth the effort or don't compete," said Kailee May, a Greenville resident.

Here's what Williams had to say about why he took his daughter's award away, "I hate this entitlement age, we are the reason that kids are entitled right now, because of these participation trophies that we give them."

In the Upstate, Upward sports, says they give their kids participation awards. Staff there said they do so to make every child feel included, and so they can walk away from the season with something to remember it by.

While CESA gives awards only to kids only until the ages of six and seven.

"They fully understand not that we're all competitive... but they understand competition and we also want them to play the game for the love of the game and not necessarily for getting gifts or rewards," said Pearse Tormey, the Co-Executive Director of the Carolina Elite Soccer Academy.

Tormey said specific teams give out gifts and awards at the end of the season.

"If a child has always been last and last place, or always needed to improve most out of the team, giving them a participation trophy can actually be an insult," said Joseph Paciarelli PSY .D a clinical psychologist at St. Francis.

Paciarelli also said getting kids out of the competitive mindset, can create a healthier viewpoint later in life toward team building and teamwork.

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