A Governor's School student sings her order in the McDonald's drive-thru and her video on Facebook now has over a hundred thousand views!

Cecily Hennigan, who is from Conway, posted the video on Wednesday before she started her junior year at the Governor's School for Arts and Humanities in Greenville.

Hennigan first heard the song written by YouTube star, Todrick Hall, a few years back. She learned the lyrics, and decided it was time she put on her performance.

Going through the drive-thru once, Hennigan told her friends to circle through again so she could sing.

She yelled to her friends, "I was like Lori hit the beat, Bailey record and we just did it!"

After posting the video to Facebook, Hennigan didn't realize how fast her video would take off. Waking up in the morning her phone was overloaded with notifications.

"My phone just stopped working that night. It was going nuts. Nothing would work. I couldn't even check notifications because my phone was going crazy!", Hennigan tells us.

She moved into the Governor's School on Saturday, just 3 days after she posted the video and she says she was already being recognized, ""A lot of parents stopped me when we were moving in like 'Oh you're the McDonald's girl!' and I'm like yes! and I don't know necessarily how i feel about being called the title of McDonald's girl!"

But she's getting used to it. Just walking through the courtyard her classmates know her, but not usually by her name, "They're like *gasp you're like famous and I'm just like 'no not really but I'm Cecily its nice to meet you,' you know."

She's going to school for music, and has always wanted to be a singer, saying "The cliche thing, music is my life. It is who I am and that's the truth. I express myself best through music." She says she's glad something she's so proud of has been shared all of the world, and thankful for all the support she's received.

Watch the full video of her singing here!

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