Teen car accident

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX CAROLINA) - She's supposed to be walking across the Hillcrest High graduation stage, instead she's in the hospital. 

Hannah Grace's father Clyde Brooks Rentz says she went through a brutal accident--causing severe face and brain trauma. Despite Hannah being from right here in the Upstate, the accident happened in Georgia. 

Rentz has been right by her side since she arrived at the hospital. From the outside, Hannah cracked her skull and severely injured the right side of her face, but that's only from what they can see. Her father says as far as what's going on internally that has yet to be seen. But he says he knows his daughter and she's extremely strong willed. 

When life changes in a moment many realize just how important milestones truly are. 

"Yep, tomorrow she would have been walking across the stage to get her diploma," Rentz said. 

18-year-old Hannah Grace could have graduated early, but instead she planned to wait to walk across the stage with her friends from Hillcrest High School.

"Friday, she picked up her gown picked up her yearbook and everything else for the big day tomorrow and for this to happen, it's a crushing blow and I feel so sorry for her," Rentz said.  

Graduation pictures, they anticipated, but instead this father's support is now being captured from the side of her hospital bed.

"The damage she received is actually cracked her skull," Rentz said. 

Hannah's dad says she was leaving a friend's house, traveling along a Georgia road when she hit a deer, ran into seven fence posts in a row and straight into an embankment.

"When we went through the fence all the wood and nails -it was pretty much like shrapnel," Rentz said. 

He says the accident happened at 2 a.m. on Saturday, but Hannah was not found until after 6 a.m.

"There's so much damage and so much and so much she's going to have to fight through, my heart goes out to her," Rentz said. 

This father realizes his daughter's strong will is something to celebrate and that the day to day is to celebrate as mush as the milestone.

"She's going to come out of this and depending on if she wants to, I'm going to throw her a graduation party," Rentz said. 

If you want to help with Hannah's medical bills, click here.

MORE NEWS: Officials say the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Greenville was vandalized

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