Upstate teen hospitalized after wearing contact lens purchased at local convenience store


It's something you have to see to believe! An Upstate mom says her daughter purchased a pair of contacts at a local gas station, and now she can barely see.

"When you hear your daughter scream like that, and in so much pain, it's just devastating, said Joy Henry. "I didn't know what to do."

Joy Henry's 15 year old daughter made the purchase from a Greenville convenience store. Within days, Henry says, Kayla was in excruciating pain.

"She couldn't see. Her eyesight was very blurry and she's in a lot of pain," said Henry.

Henry says her daughter was in so much pain that she had to be hospitalized.

Kayla's doctors said the lens caused significant damage to her eyes, including chemical burns and a scratched cornea.

"We don't know right now if her eyesight is going to be affected. They're hoping we got it in time but they said if she continued to wear them she could have been blinded," said Henry.

According to the FDA, it is illegal to sell contact lens without a prescription and warn that wearing the lens could cause infection, decreased vision and blindness.

Henry says she wants to warn other parents about her daughter's horrific experience.

"To see that they're still there for anybody else to purchase, its just hard. I don't want any other child to have to go through the kind of pain she went through," said Henry.

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