The National Missing and Unidentified Persons Database shows there are 12 missing people in Greenville County that have never been found. Eighteen people are missing across the Upstate and 167 statewide.

Fox Carolina has reported many of these cases, including the still-unsolved disappearance of a Travelers Rest woman named Brooke Henson.

"She set out walking and disappeared without a trace," said Tammy Welch, a close friend of the Henson family.

She said 20-year-old Henson vanished in 1999. She was never seen again after she went walking down her street in Travelers Rest, no leads have ever led to finding her.

"There's not a day that goes by that the family is not looking for her... just hoping that maybe she'll walk through the door," said Welch.

We spoke with a Travelers Rest detective on the case a few months ago.

"Four years ago we found out during the investigation that she was last seen at a bonfire party up in the River Falls area, so the case has been turned over to Greenville County Cold Case," said Detective Tim Kelley with the Travelers Rest Police Department during an interview in October 2015.

The Chief of Police said Thursday there haven't been any leads in quite some time.

In Spartanburg, Evelyn Shelton's family has been looking for her since 2011. They've held events over the years to raise awareness and show her face and name if anyone may have information.

Nicole Goodlett a mother of three, also from Spartanburg, has been missing since 2014. Her family in Texas has made trips to the Upstate to help find her.

"They have people looking for them, they have people who love them and want them home, I want them home," said Welch.

Since Henson went missing 17 years ago, Welch has become an advocate for all missing people across the Upstate. She often wonders what happened to all the missing people just in the Upstate.

"There's a lot of things that go through your head," said Welch.

She said she can't help but wonder if any of the cases are connected and if some of them have been victims of human trafficking. Although alw enforcement has never said any of the missing people were victims of trafficking, we did some digging to see if it's an issue in the Upstate and who could be targeted.

"You can always say that those who are more vulnerable may be that they come from broken homes or you know the average age of entry for human trafficking is anywhere between 11 and 14 years old," said Zaina Greene who works with Switch.

Switch is a group in Greenville that works with victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. She said it's possible they've worked with victims that were once reported missing.

"There's no one that could not be a victim... A lot of times traffickers prey on whatever vulnerability it is and everybody has some sort of vulnerability to prey on," said Greene.

For more information on missing people across the Upstate you can visit National Missing and Unidentified Persons website.

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