Used tire lots rolling into Berea

Used tire lots rolling into Berea (FOX Carolina/ July 30, 2015)

When Gwen Williams walks through her community, she says it's not the community she once knew.

"I came to Berea in the late 60's," Williams said. "You could actually see the mountains just about in any area. There was a lot of green space."

She said when people enter Berea, used tire lots greet them. She said the lots are lined along Interstate 85, to White Horse Road, to Highway 253 near Cedar Lane Road.

"Used tire lots have sorta blanketed over Berea...and it's not very pretty to look at," she said.

She said the town that once had much green space is now littered with lots.

And that's why Williams and others have created the Better Berea Association. She said not only are the tire lots an eyesore, they're also health hazards.

"They breed mosquitoes, rats, rodents, and snakes," she said.

"It's plummeting fast," Williams said of the area.

Greenville County councilman Willis Meadows said he's aware of the problem.

"One thing that we're trying to focus on now a little bit more than maybe before are the used tires," Meadows said.

Meadows represents the Berea area of Greenville County.

"We're trying to look at an ordinance that would encompass the whole county as to what we do with used tires," he said.

Meadows said when customers buy new tires from stores, they're charged a $2 disposal fee so the tires can be recycled or taken to landfills. But he said tires end up back on the street and in tire lots.

"They can pickup the tires at these stores, they dispose of them and supposedly rather than doing that, they're selling them," Meadows said.

County Council members are expected to discuss the issue during a meeting in a couple of weeks.

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