Virus Outbreak

Justin Paetow, center, a tin shop worker at Bath Iron Works, takes part in a demonstration against COVID-19 vaccine mandate outside the shipyard on Friday, Oct. 22, 2021, in Bath, Maine. Some American workers are making the painful decision to quit their jobs and abandon cherished careers in defiance of what they consider intrusive vaccine mandates requiring all businesses with 100 or more workers be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

BATH, Maine (AP) — Some American workers are deciding to quit their jobs in defiance of what they consider intrusive vaccine mandates. Many cities, states and businesses report that more than 9 out of 10 of their workers are complying with mandates. But thousands have sought religious or medical exemptions that were rejected, while others have refused to be told what to do. They include defense industry workers, police officers, firefighters, educators and health care workers. In Seattle, a group of city firefighters turned in their boots at City Hall this week to protest a vaccination requirement. Others didn’t quit; they were fired. Washington State University football coach Nick Rolovich was let go from his $3.2 million-a-year job.

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It's encouraging to see some people still have a spine and can think for themselves rather than following the sheeples off the cliff. Forcing people to put an experimental substance into their bodies is unconstitutional and borders on communism.

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