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Asheville, NC (FOX Carolina) - Brother Wolf Animal Lodge said veterinarians are still trying to determine how extensive Hope the puppy's injuries are more than a week after the 2-month-old puppy was taken to a partner shelter in Tennessee after being found abused and left in a garbage bag. 

“It’s horrific. We do see some really bad things, but when you see an innocent and helpless animal it’s really difficult,” Brooke Fornea with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue said.

The organization said that the puppy was found by a good Samaritan outside a McDonald's restaurant in a garbage bag suffering from chemical burns covering her tiny body. 

“She has a really bad injury on her ear. Part of it is going to have to be removed. She also has injuries on her tongue, probably from trying to lick the chemicals off, which is what we think happened to her. We think she has some type of chemical burn that goes all the way from her chest, down her stomach and her legs,” Fornea said.

Hope is being treated around the clock at the Friends Animal Shelter in Newport, TN, but Brother Wolf said the scope of her injuries has not yet been determined.

“Unfortunately, we recently discovered that her damaged skin is sloughing,” said Brother Wolf’s veterinarian, Dr. Megan McAndrew, in a news release.  “It may take up to two weeks to determine the full extent of tissue damage after such a severe burn. This means that we will continue to monitor her very closely over the next week or so. It’s going to be a long road for her, but she is a strong-willed little girl and I am optimistic she’ll have a steady recovery.” 

Brother Wolf says Hope's treatment so far has included pain medication, antibiotics, topical ointments would flushes, and surgery later this week to remove dead tissue from her ear and tongue. 

The organization is asking for donations to help Hope and other animals like her heal and live the happy lives they deserve. 

“We’ve been blown away by the incredible support we’ve received to help Hope in her recovery,” said Audrey Lodato, Brother Wolf’s Director of Animal Care. “Medical care is our biggest expense each month and we’d never be able to provide this level of care without community support.”

People can make a lifesaving donation towards the care of Hope and other animals like her at www.bwar.org/donate.

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