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BEREA, SC (FOX Carolina) - The grandmother of a 16-year-old who was assaulted at Berea High School says the people who restrained two brothers who allegedly assaulted the grandson were justified, according to Greenville County Schools. 

The incident that was recorded and posted to social media has sparked outrage at the school. 

Students say a fight broke out in the hallway after school Tuesday. 

Greenville County Schools tells Fox Carolina the fight at the high school was quickly resolved and no one was hurt. 

The grandmother said her grandson wasn't friends with one of the brothers and when he kept calling her grandson "obscenities," her grandson addressed the student and was then was attacked.   

A video, shared with FOX Carolina, shows about 25 seconds of the aftermath of that later fight, according to the student who took it. 

In the video, you can see what appears to be a staff member at the school holding down one of the students, while three adults are holding down another. 

However, the grandmother believes the staff member's actions were correct: 

“We believe that restraining the brothers was justified and saved my grandson from a possible more vicious attack, also my daughter was not able to see the school video will these so called activists be allowed to view school video and further use social media to down play the assault on my grandson that led to the consequences of these brothers actions and arrest, my grandson had been bullied since elementary school and nothing was ever done he has the right to an education and he loves Berea I would hope that he can come back to school without being ostracized or assaulted by these brothers."

The district adds that the person who started that fight was being arrested when their sibling got involved and started a second fight. 

“I was very upset, I actually started crying because like I said one of the kids were my friends and I just felt like it was very unnecessary for them to do that to 14-year-olds, they're kids.  And if you don't know how to handle kids then you shouldn't be working in the job that you work,” said the student who took the video told FOX Carolina. 

This student also tells us she had seen the first fight and as some of the students were being led into the office because of that fight, she heard yelling before running over to the second fight. This is when she found her classmates on the ground and started recording.  

Video of the incident have been posted to social media and some people are alleging the incident shows excessive force, which the district says misrepresents what actually happened. The school district says things were handled appropriately. 

The district says that the second fight required administrators to physically restrain those students for the safety of everyone around. 

The district adds they have done a review of the videos itself, and are confident in the actions of its staff, and have asked law enforcement to review them as well. 

The district released a statement on the incident Thursday. 

They explain that the initial fight started in the cafeteria while one student was waiting for an afternoon bus. To resolve the fight, a school resource officer and administrator put themselves in between the students, according to the district. 

They go on to say that the brother of the student who started the fight started to intervene and was told to leave. While the students were being escorted to the office, the third student again tried to intervene, leading the students to become combative, according to a release. 

Greenville County Schools says that the students were restrained for safety purposes. After a review of the school security footage from the district and law enforcement, GCS says it was determined that the actions taken were "within policy." 

The students have been charged by law enforcement and will face discipline, according to the release. 

Some students were also part of a protest Thursday morning at the high school. 

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I agree with the grandmother, the kids were treated like they were acting. Now days a teacher has to be careful because some of these so-called kids are armed. Before these folks protest they need to look at the recent shootings in schools. Teachers are to be respected for the job they do.


Wouldn't have been news if whites were restrained by any race.


13%. So what is new?

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