Earthquake (Source: FOX Carolina)

Decatur, TN (FOX Carolina) - Wednesday morning, the USGS registered a 4.4 magnitude earthquake that was felt as far as Toccoa and Seneca.  

The earthquake, which happened approximately at 4:14 a.m., was centered about 7 miles north, northeast of Decatur. 

The USGS reports the earthquake was at a depth of 5.5 miles down. 

Right now over 100 people are reporting on the USGS site as having felt the quake. 

USGS intensity map

USGS Intensity Map (Source: USGS)

At 4:27 a.m., a secondary 3.3 magnitude earthquake was registered as well. 

As reports continue to come in to our newsroom from across the Upstate, we've heard people say it sound like a train, to animals, to someone breaking into their home. 

One person who called our newsroom this morning said he thought someone was breaking into his house because of the blinds and window shaking at his house. 

Another caller from Table Rock said she thought, "two bears were fighting on my porch," until she turned on the news and heard there had been an earthquake. 

Adam Smith, curator of Clemson University's Bob Campbell Geology Museum said earthquakes in that region of Tennessee.

"I guess people are probably not aware that Eastern Tennessee is one of the most seismically active places in the Southeast," Smith said. "They have hundred of earthquakes a year there it's just that most of them are so small they can't be felt."

Smith did say that Wednesday's quake was a large one for the area, and the second largest in recent decades.

"The largest one was a 4.7 which happened back in 1973," Smith said.

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