Wet weather brings business for Upstate pest control companies

(May 25, 2018/FOX Carolina)

Business is good for pest control companies after all the rain and wet weather the Upstate has had lately.

Josh Swilling works for Gregory Pest Solutions in Greenville, and there's been plenty of work lately to keep them busy.

He says insects like American roaches, or Palmetto bugs, mosquitoes and ants are all out and about, and adds, sometimes do-it-yourself methods can have unintended consequences, especially when it comes to those fire ant mounds.

“Folks need to not use repellents if they're going to spray themselves," Swilling said. "They need to be careful with that because it can cause budding, instead of one mound you'll have five mounds. It causes them to go into panic mode and they just branch off to stay safe.”

We stopped by Clemson, to talk to insect expert Dr. Eric Benson, an entomologist with the University. He says this is the time of year you can expect to see the bugs and invaders out - and with all of the recent rain, it can make the problem worse.

“Termites swarm this time of year, ants get more active, millipedes, spring tails, ants, this time from May until June is when things really get active," he said.

Dr. Benson says, step one is to figure out the problem, and find out which insects are causing an issue.

“There’s a lot of pest control that people can do on their own if they're willing to do it and take the time to understand the pest they're trying to control and products they're using," Benson said. "But like anything else, like fixing your card, or a plumbing leak or electrical issue maybe you could do it, but sometimes it's better to have a professional to handle the situation.”

Swilling also has a few simple tips for homeowners to try themselves to keep the insects out: “Make sure your home is sealed, make sure the doorway is sealed, windows are sealed, check the foundation for cracks or anything like that.”

Dr. Benson says there are some natural, non-chemical strategies to try with pests, but because each insect and situation is different, he couldn't name specific examples, instead he suggests visiting the Home and Garden Information Center at Clemson. You can find it here.

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