Cartoon Tori and Kendra from Voila Ai Artist

Cartoon Tori and Kendra from Voila Ai Artist

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - You've probably seen your social media timelines blowing up with cartoon portraits of your friends and family from a trending app called Voilà Ai Artist.

The photo editor app uses deep learning artificial intelligence to turn your pictures into artwork ranging from "Pixar-inspired" characters to Renaissance-style paintings.

Voilà Ai Artist is created by Wemagine.AI LLC. We reached out and the company told us they are based in Canada, but their small team works remotely and is scattered across the globe.

Voilà Ai Artist has been rated over 25,000 times in the Apple Store and even more times in Google Play.

When you download the app, you are agreeing to their terms of use and privacy policy. You can find those in full, online here.

They have the following statement in their privacy policy: "The Company/Voila Ai Artist App does not use your photos and facial feature for any reason other than to provide you with the portrait/editing functionality of Voilà Ai Artist App."

Other information in their privacy policy and terms of service you might want to know include:

  • You retain ownership of your photos.
  • You grant the company a license to display, reproduce, edit, publish and distribute the content you upload and the content generated through the app, but they say the license is for the purpose of developing and improving the app.
  • You grant the company a license to "create derivative works from, exhibit, broadcast, publicly perform, and publicly display the Generated content in any form and in any and all media or distribution methods."
  • When you use the app or website, they can collect usage data including your IP address, unique device identifiers, the pages you visit and how long you spend on them.
  • Among other purposes, the data can be used by the company to monitor usage, enforce billing contracts and display targeted ads.

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