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Jason Kurland (Source: thelotterylawyer.com)

NEW YORK (FOX Carolina) – When the South Carolina Education Lottery Commission announced Monday that a winner had come forward after hitting the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot last October, the Commission also announced the winner was being represented by attorney Jason Kurland.

Kurland is known as “the Lottery Lawyer,” according to his website.

Kurland is a partner at the Rivkin Radler firm in New York and said he has represented some of the largest jackpot winners in history prior to representing the South Carolina winner – who is the largest ever jackpot winner.

Kurland is a regular on national news shows when it comes to questions about lottery jackpots and winners. He’s been down the alphabet of networks, and was even on CNN speaking about the massive jackpot on the day before the big drawing.

The $1.5 billion Mega Millions drawing was on October 23, 2018.

Kurland was on CNN on October 22, advising whoever won the jackpot to seek an experienced lawyer.

“You need an experienced lottery lawyer who knows what he's doing or she's doing, who goes into the lottery commission with you, has your back, can explain the process and really set up your life going forward,” Kurland said in the newscast. He added, “(People who lost it all) went in by themselves.  They didn't understand the tax consequence.  They didn't understand that spending too quickly doesn't really let your money grow."

He also spoke about the South Carolina winner on October 24, advising that person to keep quiet.

He even sent some advice via Twitter:

In addition to being the lottery lawyer, Kurland said he practices real estate and trusts and estates law.

Read more about Kurland on Rivkin Radler's website.

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