PIEDMONT, SC (FOX Carolina) - Shelley Granger says – something happened to her and her family two nights ago.

“He came in and said ‘mommy there’s a baby crying on the front porch.’ And we just said ‘no there isn’t. Maybe it’s just a baby doll.’ Because we have a 3 year old,” Granger recalled.

It was her middle son who first reported what he said sounded like a child crying on their front porch. The family dismissed it as a prank, or even the cat. But then, she says her younger son heard it too.

“The closer we got to the door, the louder it got," Grainger sad. “So I said ‘what on earth is that,’ and Scotty said ‘that’s a baby, there’s a kid out there.’”

“It was one of those cries, like, you had shivers," she continued. “It was creepy.”

“It was almost like a child was hurt,” her eldest son, 22-year-old Scott Granger, added. “And you wanted to go find them.”

Shelley and Scott called 911 and barricaded their front door.

“When we heard it say ‘mommy,’” Shelly said of the mystery baby voice, “I was like ‘get out, get out, go, we gotta call someone, do something. Something is not right here.’ And that’s when I said that I thought it was a recording,” she said.

“That was the end of it," added Scott.

This account of the bizarre events outside their front door from the Granger family falls in line with that of a popular serial killer hoax that comes and goes on social media, says Williamston Police Department Chief Tony Taylor.

Taylor says the rumor is that criminals play recordings of a baby crying so that unsuspecting victims open the door. But he also adds that there’s no real threat to the community at this point, and no real evidence this is prevalent right now.

“This thing has been circulating for a long time,” Taylor said, saying it’s been around on and off since 2003.

Greenville deputies are the ones who responded to Shelley‘s call. They say they search the property and found nothing. Taylor says that if this happens to you and his jurisdiction, do what Shelley did.

“If you hear somebody, you know, someone knocking at your door, you don’t know who it is and things like that, we want you to pick up the phone and give us a call," Taylor said.

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