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Nicole Papay is a meteorologist for FOX Carolina and usually appears on The Morning News, which airs from 5 to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Nicole grew up on in the suburbs of Philadelphia in Horsham, PA, and graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor's degree in meteorology.

Before coming to Greenville, Nicole began her first TV job in Oak Hill, WV, where she was the weekend meteorologist and weekday reporter for WOAY-TV. She later moved to Albany, NY, where was the weekend meteorologist and weekday reporter for WXXA-TV.

In April 2013, she joined FOX Carolina.

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Awards/Recognitions: Southeast Regional Emmy Award Nominee for Outstanding Morning News

On the weekends I love to: Hike with my dog, lay out by a pool and generally do anything outdoors. Visit family back in Philly and Baltimore as often as I can, and of course, cheer for Penn State sports - Go Nittany Lions!

My favorite thing to watch is: Pride and Prejudice, and Friends.

My favorite kind of music is: I'll listen to almost anything, but I love Dave Matthews Band, country, and too many Broadway show tunes to list!

My favorite food is: Chicken scampi from Olive Garden.

Hidden talents: I'm teaching myself to cook, and so far, it’s gone quite well!

Hobbies: I love to garden.

Pets: My husband and I adopted Sizzle, a majestic (if I do say so myself) lab/pit mix from the Greenville Humane Society! He’s made our house a home and I dote on him as though he were truly my child. He’s named after “T-Sizzle”, or Terrell Suggs, of the Baltimore Ravens (which .

Most memorable story: Weather-wise, I really enjoy reporting on high-total snowstorms! While in Albany, NY, I went live from a town that received nearly 18” of snow in one storm. I could barely walk! Otherwise, I’m a huge sucker for animals, so any story that leads to the adoption of pets in need get an A+ in my book.

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