Police officer allegedly finds suspected dog fighting ring, man arrested for drug trafficking

A Cobb County man was arrested after an officer who found a stray dog also allegedly found drugs and weapons in a home.

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    COBB CO., GA (WGCL) -- A Cobb County man was arrested after an officer who found a stray dog also allegedly found drugs and weapons in a home.

According to the Cobb County police department, Cobb County Police Officer Conklin found a wandering pit bull on May 16th in a Cobb County neighborhood.

Officer Conklin noticed the male dog had fresh wounds around his face, mouth, and ears, the release stated.

Officer Conklin was able to track down the owner’s Amy Drive address using the dog’s collar.

“When officer Conklin arrived at the dog's home, he noticed multiple dog crates in the backyard (visible from the street) and empty rifle boxes near the front door”, the press release stated.

Two men inside of the home came outside to speak with Officer Conklin, however, both men, according to police, could not explain the dog’s injuries nor who owned the pit bull.

“They did state five additional dogs were still inside the home but would not confirm if anyone else was inside”, police wrote.

Officer Conklin contacted Cobb County Animal Services, fearing the other dogs inside may also have injuries.

Officer Conklin then got a search warrant for the home, suspecting possible dogfighting and drug trafficking, based on statements from the two suspects.

Animal control representatives removed all of the dogs, and officials determined the dog that Officer Conklin found was previously involved in dogfighting, but it was not clear how the fresh wounds occurred.

After the search warrant, Cobb police allegedly located methamphetamine, LSD, and two guns.

Police arrested Ronald McCarthy, 43, for possession of a firearm and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, police wrote.

All of the dogs were placed in animal services custody.


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