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Whether it's online or on-air, FOX Carolina will design an advertising package to suit your needs.

FOX Carolina and have developed a cutting-edge partnership that delivers breaking local news and information 24 hours a day. By utilizing up-to-the-minute reporting, online video and in-depth resources, we are setting the standard for breaking news coverage and community information.

Opportunities now exist to reach this audience by integrating web creative, video and content sponsorship with a targeted television schedule on FOX Carolina. Your convergence campaign will both capture the attention of the marketplace and provide the details and interactivity to create new customers.

Advertising positions rotate throughout and can be focused in any number of specific content areas. Additional ad delivery criteria like time of day, originating domain, operating system, browser type and more can further target your message. In addition to rotating positions throughout the site, select advertisers can sponsor online content areas that relate to their products or services. Sponsorship opportunities are limited and include an array of additional features and benefits.

All advertising campaigns offer guaranteed ad delivery and certified ad tracking and analysis. You owe it to the future of your business to explore the powerful new ways and FOX Carolina can work together to deliver this premium audience.

For questions about advertising on-air or on, contact:

Lisa Schaetzel

Local Sales Manager
Phone: 864-213-2120 | E-mail

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