(WDAF/CNN) -- A Missouri pastor made thousands of people laugh after his online sermon was interrupted by silly Facebook filters.

For nearly three minutes, Pastor Scott Mowery delivered his daily devotional on Facebook Live with an assortment of wizard hats, cat ears, googly eyes, and space helmets. 

Mowery, who is the pastor of  Immanuel Baptist Church in Butler, said he didn't realize what was going on until his wife left a comment. 

“My wife’s comment pops up that says, ‘You’ve got filters going on,'" he said. “We had another church member saying, 'This is some interesting attire,’ and I’m like, 'What? What’s going on? I can’t see anything.’”

While some people suspected Mowery did this on purpose, he said he honestly didn't know what was happening.

"People were like, 'He did this on purpose,'" Mowery explained. "And my mom, who was talking to me later, goes 'I know that face, you didn't know that was happening.'" 

The video has since gone viral and Mowery is humbled that his message is lifting spirits well beyond the boundaries of Butler, Missouri.

“I’ve never had a video with even 1,000 views,” Mowery said. “And I never thought this is what I’d be known for. You go to school for all those years, have all that experience and prepare yourself, week in and week out, and then your famous moment is a bunch of cartoon faces.”

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