Below is a details list of instructions for accessing FOX Carolina's Closings and Delays Phone System.

1. Welcome: You will hear a greeting message then follow prompts to login into your organization's account:A. You will be prompted to enter your organization ID followed by the # sign.B. You will be prompted to enter your pass code (password) followed by the # sign.

2. Name and Current Status: You will hear your organization name and current status. If it is the wrong organization, press 4. If it is correct, listen to the main menu options and follow the prompts.

3. Main Menu: This is the list of five main menu options.1 – Change Hours of Operations – Set status to delay, early closing or closed all day. See step 5 for further instruction.2 – Special Status Code – More specific statuses that can be used alone or in combination with option 1.3 – Reset All Status to Open – This clears the organization's current status, resetting to open.4 – Enter Another Account ID – Enter a status for another organization9 – End Call – This ends the call without any action taken/change to organization status.

4. Choosing Option 1: Follow these instructions to change your hours of operations.A. Choose one of these options:1 – Opening late/delay2 – Closing Early3 – Closed all day4 – Clear all closing/status info**Note, you will have opportunity to add an additional special status code. For example, you can "Open late 90 minutes" and add a code that says "No Buses on Icy Roads." This is explained further in step 5.B. If you select option 1 or 2, you will be prompted to enter the number of minutes for your delay or early closing.i. Enter the number of minutes followed by # sign. **Note, you can only enter minutes in intervals of 15 minutes (ex. 15, 30, 90 and not 20, 50, 70).C. If you select option 3, the status will set to closed.D. The system will read your new status then recite the main menu options (step 4 above).i. If you want to add a special status, press 2—see step 6 below.ii. If you want to clear the status you just set, press 3iii. If you want to enter a status for another organization account, press 4

5. Choosing Option 2: Follow these instructions to set a special status code. A full list of special status codes is online here.A. Enter the special status code followed by # OR hit # to listen to a list of all of the special status codes.B. Once you have selected your special status code, it will play then you will hear the main menu of options again.

*If you have any questions about our system, you can send an e-mail to Amanda Shaw at or call 864-213-2230. Please include your organization ID and passcode in any correspondence regarding your account.

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