Home Again and Babylon


With the winter weather and other craziness in my life, I didn’t have time to sit and write a review on the last two X-Files episodes. So, I am going to do short and sweet reviews of both here! In a nutshell, I’m loving it still, and I feel like the episodes just keep getting better and better. I don’t know how Fox is going to do it, but they better bring the X-Files back for more episodes this fall!!! I’m not sure that I can handle next week being the last X-Files I ever see.

Anyway, I digress. Home Again and Babylon are the two episodes I am talking about… First off, Home Again. SPOILERS AHEAD! My favorite part of the episode is when Mulder and Scully are talking by Margaret’s bedside and discuss when Scully was in a coma. It brought back the memories of season 2 when Scully was abducted (some of the best episodes of the whole series). The interaction between Mulder and Scully was flawless… Exactly how I would imagine they would be together. It’s amazing how actors can jump right back into roles, and find the same chemistry and interaction as 10 years ago.

As for William… What the heck?! Are they going to go look for their son or what? And what is the meaning of the coin? Hopefully we find out in the final episode.

I thought the trash man monster was very disturbing, and the way it killed people made me a little sick. However, the intensity was needed for the storyline. I thought it was an interesting commentary on how we treat the homeless in America. Pretty sad actually…

Let’s move onto Babylon. I have a lot to say about this one… First off, I enjoyed the new agents. But for goodness sake, DON’T LET THOSE AGENTS REPLACE MULDER AND SCULLY in a spin off series! I like them as additions to the show, but not replacements! Lauren Ambrose was awesome though. I loved her back in her Six Feet Under days!

Mulder’s “trip” was hilarious. I love how the Lone Gunmen showed up, and frankly I would have loved to see more of them. I was really hoping to hear Frohike say “She’s hot” to Scully (as he did back in season 2 I think it was…). I thought the imagery was striking in the late part of Mulder’s hallucination. The mother holding her son was powerful and turned out to be a big part of the resolution of the case.

I was worried when I saw the subject matter of the episode (involving radical Islamic terrorists), but I thought it was handled well. The final scene with Mulder and Scully was some of the best dialogue I’ve heard on the show. Talking about the hate and why these terrorists do what they do, but how mother-love has to mean something. And the religious discussion about dying for your God. It’s all very powerful and thought provoking stuff. I would love to sit and listen to Mulder and Scully discuss these things for hours. The line about “opening our hearts” made me tear up a little… And that song! The Lumineers were a great way to end the episode!

On a lighter note, I loved Scully saying “nobody down here but the FBI’s most unwanted”! 23 years later, I just can’t believe it! Makes me feel a bit old!

I hope you are enjoying the revival of the X-Files as much as I am! Let me know what you think! Email me at Kendra.kent@foxcarolina.com

I can’t WAIT for next week!

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