(Meredith) - A Michigan father said his 8-year-old daughter could not take her school photo because of the red in her hair. 

Marian Scott wore a braided bun with red hair extensions for picture day last week at Paragon Charter Academy in Jackson, located about 85 miles west of Detroit.

The third-grader said she felt singled out when the staff told her she could not take a photo due to her hair.

"It's upsetting you know," her father, Doug Scott, told WILX. “Marian didn’t leave out the house, go down the street, and go get this done on her own. She’s 8 years old. We did this ourselves in our home, and there's no way I felt like this would happen.”

Principal Ben Kriesch told WILX that the red hair extensions violated the dress code. The policy, which is outlined in the student handbook, says hairstyles must be "conservative," and "extreme hairstyles" are not permitted. It also says hair color must be in "natural tones" to get pictures taken.

The school also sent a recorded message to parents the Sunday before picture day to remind them about the dress code, according to WILX.

8-year-old girl denied school picture because of red hairstyle

Doug Scott and his daughter, Marian, are pictured during an interview with WILX on Monday, Oct. 7, 2019 in Jackson, Mich. 

Scott said he never received the message.

"Had I seen an email, I probably would have told Marian's mother to not do it," he said. "I guess I think it's good that this happened because now people are going to get the opportunity to see what is really going on."

Scott also said he does not understand why his daughter was allowed to return to class, but could not take the picture.

"They let her stay in school," he said. "So, if she's not a disruption to the class, then why is she a disruption to the picture?"

The principal told WILX that students are given a week to correct their hair if it violates the dress code, which is why Marian was allowed to remain at school that day.

Scott said Marian does not have red in her hair anymore, and she plans to take her picture on Nov. 12. He hopes to have better communication with school administrators in the future.

Information from WILX via CNN Newsource contributed to this story.

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