86-year-old man's wish to be school safety patroller, one more time

Harry Griffith was a safety patroller at his school in Western Pennsylvania in 1944.

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    Carroll County (WMAR) -- Back when you played shortstop for Putty Jill Optimist, or being the drummer with the Dunbar Jazz Band, or that Ocean City summer you spent working at the Padock. You just wanted to go back and have one more day. For one man, he did.

Little Harry Griffith is back in the 7th grade. The tallest kid in class we might add.

The year was 1944 when Harry was a safety patroller at his school in Western Pennsylvania.

"Everybody had a bike back then so we would put everything in our bikes and go down to our posts and put our bikes aside lined up and done our job"

So after a Q&A and a with the pre-millennials, 86-year-old Harry put on his belt and before his badge he wanted everyone to see his pin.

"I've had mine for the last 75 years."

So with his sash and badge he stood outside Spring Garden Elementary back in the day only boys patrolled.

"Now I see we have a lot of girls involved and that's good."

And what do you think he is thinking about his day?

"It's amazing I never thought it would happen, it brought back a lot of years a long time ago I mean it's great"

And what's the biggest difference from today and 75 years ago?

"There's a lot more people, a lot more cars, a lot more kids, but you know basically they're doing the same job I did 75 years ago."

And he didn't talk to anyone, looked straight ahead, just like when he was in 7th grade.

"That's what they are paying me for."

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