BEL AIR, Maryland (CNN/WJZ/Meredith) – Police in Bel Air, Maryland are searching for the person who was caught on camera stealing a package from someone's doorstep.

But police say the suspect is no more than eight years old.

In broad daylight, a little girl became the center of attention. She's the tiniest porch pirate seen so far, and it's all caught on a home security camera.

Vallan Hardison had ordered a pair of boots online. She said she was shocked to find out such a young child came up to her door and stole the package containing the boots.

In the video, you can see the little girl stop and look behind her before she makes her move.

“The fact that you could kind of see her conversing with someone off to the side who's kind of directing them to come up and grab the package… It's like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I couldn't believe it,” Hardison said.

Harford County Sheriff's deputies have watched this stunning video and their investigation is underway.

"It looks like there's probably a six- to eight-year-old child that... looks hesitant to [steal] and obviously -- it's painfully obvious that someone is directing them [to steal],” Major William Davis with the Harford County Sheriff’s Office said.

During the holiday season, porch pirates have almost become an epidemic.

But the thief so small in a red coat has many people just shaking their heads.

"People steal, but to see someone that small doing something like that is just -- it's unbelievable,” Hardison said.

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