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For the overnight hours we're looking at mostly clear skies and very cold conditions. If you've got some flowers outside, cover them up or bri…

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Vaccine doses SC NC GA US
Doses delivered 1,579,375 3,529,525 3,379,335 114,133,115
Doses administered 1,232,377 2,680,413 2,253,011 85,008,094
Adults receiving at least 1 dose 799,826 (19.8% of 18+ population) 1,704,915(20.8% of 18+ population) 1,337,086 (16.5% of 18+ population) 55,496,015(21.7%)
Adults receiving 2 doses 425,240 (10.5% of 18+ population) 936,290 (11.4% of 18+ population) 841,833(10.4% of 18+ population) 28,681,864 (11.2%)
Total people receiving at least 1 dose 784,515 (15.2% of total population) 1,706,016 (16.3% of total population) 1,337,534 (12.6% of total population) 55,547,697 (16.7% of U.S. population)
Total people receiving 2 doses 425,519 (8.3% of total population) 936,887 (8.9% of total population) 841,985 (7.9% of total population) 28,701,201 (8.6% of U.S. population)

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